My First Knitted Scarf | Don’t Give up on your knitting

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  My First Knitted Scarf | Don't Give up on your knitting
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In this video, I'm sharing the first thing I ever made. I loosely call it a scarf! I'm sharing this with you so that you understand we all start somewhere. Nobody is an expert at anything when they start, so be patient with yourself and your own knitting.

For some reason, my audio got out of sync at the very end of the video. I tried everything to fix it, and could not figure out what to my apologies for that bit of weirdness. I had already edited the whole video by the time I reached the end of the clip and saw what it was doing. So I made the executive decision to publish it anyway. Flaws and all. Sort of like my scarf.

What was your first knitting project like? Did you keep it? Do you wear it?

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