How To Knit – The Basics

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  How To Knit - The Basics
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This video will show you the basics of knitting. Follow along and see how easy it is to actually do! Anyone can learn to knit and it's a great craft to know if you want to give handmade gifts! A simple large knitted rectangle is essentially an afghan. So this simple stitch can go pretty far and will keep you warm for years to come!

Note: If you are left handed, please check out the video for left handed knitters here:

With this video you will learn how to Cast On, knit rows, and Bind off to complete a simple project.

To view the article "How to Knit - The Basics" click here:

If you do not know how to make a Slip Knot, we have a separate video for that here:

FAQs Answered:

- Stitch shown - basic garter stitch using "throw"or "English" method. This is the English style of knitting. Yes there are other methods of knitting out there.

- Needles used - size 11 US

- Yarn - unknown - worsted weight rayon blend

- The Cast On used here is the Long Tail Cast On. Yes there are other ways to cast on, and yes some are better than others for certain projects. For example, a knitted cast on is better if you need a stretchy edge. Here is an example of a Knitted Cast On:

- We have a separate video on how to make a slip knot, if you need further help with that:

- The Left Handed version of this video is here:

- If your stitches are tight, it might be a problem with tension (pulling the yarn too tight.) Knitting does take some practice - try loosening the yarn a little when you make your stitches and see if that helps.

- You can use this technique on circular needles.

- If you're a guy, just know that you are not the only one learning to knit! We get a LOT of comments from men who have learned to knit, and for some reason they generally seem to think they're the only one. You're not! This is not a craft designed solely for old ladies! According to Wikipedia, knitting was originally a male-only occupation, the first knitting trade guild was started in Paris in 1527.

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